School Wide Positive Behaviour

School Wide Positive Behaviour

Our School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework allows us to create and enrich a positive and safe learning environment that continues to enhance our school culture, where we maximise individual academic and social growth.

Our School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework supports Aristoltle EI program,  the implementation of the Child Safe Standards and the Department of Education and Training's rights, resilience and respectful relationships initiative.


Our Positive Behaviour Expectations Matrix

Our Positive Behaviour Expectations Matrix co-created by students and staff with input from parents translates Langley Primary School’s four key values into expected behaviours. The matrix simplifies what our behaviours should look, sound and feel like.

Our expected behaviours are explicitly taught in every classroom and consistently reinforced throughout the school.  Expectations are explicitly taught each week to teach, model and reinforce expected behaviour.  Social skills and emotional intelligence skills and knowledge are also explicitly taught and linked to the Behaviour Matrix to reinforce expected behaviour.

Power of Positive Recognition

When students demonstrate school wide expectations, staff celebrate and acknowledge their success with positive reinforcement. This could include a social activity or tangible reinforcers.

Key components of our formal acknowledgement may include:

  • Verbal praise
  • Stickers/stamps
  • Student of the week
  • Activity of choice time
  • Whole Class Reward system.
  • Teachers may write a special letter or make a special phone call to parents/carers.

Staff support students and families with many harm minimisation strategies, early intervention programs, reteaching responsibilities always with a restorative practices methodology.


For more information see our  School Wide Positive behaviour handbook or visit